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At Driftwood Properties we are pleased to help purchasers find the property which is right for them, help negotiate a price and see the sale through to completion. With a host of professionals to call on, we feel we can usually find the right person to assist with any issue which may arise in order to ease the conveyance. For vendors the same is true. We are happy to discuss their requirements and expectations. With the professionals who work with us, we are able to assist with resolving issues quickly, seeing sales to completion as swiftly as possible.

Free Valuations

We offer free valuations, with expert knowledge of the Cornish holiday property industry especially on Riviere Towans, Tolroy Manor and St Ives Holiday Village, our valuations are always accurate.

Letting & Income Potential

If you are considering letting your property, staff at Driftwood have a good knowledge of the letting options for holiday properties in the area. They are happy to discuss possible income potentials and ways forward for arranging holiday letting.


Here at Driftwood Properties we have established strong relationships with independent residential and commercial mortgage brokers. If you need to discuss the options of raising finance to assist the purchase of a holiday home or investment, then we are confident that we are able to put you in good hands.

We understand that it is a difficult time for lending at the moment but our contacts have successfully partnered buyer and lender on many occasions and can continue to do so for the right applicants. If you feel that finance is right for you then please do not hesitate to request a call from one of the team so you can explore the possibilities further.

Mortgage/Insurance – Lee Prior 01736 753368

Commercial broker - Adam Atkin 07824 397030
Residential broker - Peter Mariott at Westexe Mortgage Solutions (residential mortgages are not generally available on holiday properties but there is the option to raise finance on another residential property).


In order to give both purchasers and vendors as wide a service as possible we are now able to arrange for properties to be sold using the Modern Auction Method. This can provide a sale/purchase within a structured timescale, which is useful particularly for planning other activities. For further information on the Modern Auction Method, please see the Auctions link on the drop down menu on the home page.

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