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With over 50 years’ experience and four generations in the holiday and property industry, we, at Driftwood, feel we can help with our knowledge and understanding gained over many years. Apart from being involved in this industry over decades, we, as a family, have owned property for over four generations, enjoying its unspoilt and relaxed atmosphere. Our enthusiasm for this special part of the world has never waned and we are always pleased to share our experiences and enthusiasm, helping others to share and experience the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere this area still has to offer, in an ever increasing bustling world.

For at least five generations, our family has been enjoying holidays in this special area. In the early years, we all eagerly anticipated staying at the Hut on the Towans, spending endless hours swimming and exploring. Although the properties have changed, the area has maintained its wonderfully relaxed and natural atmosphere.

With 50 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, we are confident that our combined knowledge and expertise enable us to offer our guests the best accommodation and service.

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Toms Holidays

Whilst being involved with the sale of properties in this area we have also arranged the letting of private properties at Riviere Towans and throughout the Hayle area for many years. As Toms Holidays, our guests have been returning year after year to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere which is increasingly difficult to find in a busy world. From experience we are able to gain an overview of the way guests view holidays and their ever increasing expectations. We are here to help you set up your property and work towards maximising the potential. This could include everything from extras you can add to the property to make it more desirable, layout, potential financial savings or just making sure you get the holidays you deserve. We understand striking the right balance between commercial bookings and personal usage is an important factor. Toms has been here in Hayle since the 1960s and our own family with holiday properties since the 1920s.

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